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Need Advice and optimization of your accounting?

The chartered accountancy of tomorrow is already at Advantis!


Slideshow /
annual accounts

A clear and educational slideshow, with sectoral comparisons, for a better understanding of your balance sheet.

my business

From some indicators on smartphone, to detailed dashboards, we propose you steering tools adapted to your activity.

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my business

Realize your operating budgets and your business plan. Discover our new business creation pack !

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Real estate

Optimize your investment property whether professional or personal with our feasibility study.

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Purchase of
a vehicle

Realize savings until 50 % by optimizing the choice of your vehicle’s financing mode.

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Make the best choice of financing for a new equipment and measure the impact on your activity.

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Analysis of
production costs

We calculate and optimize your production cost. Then, you follow your costs by estimate, construction site … on the mobile application Advantis.

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Evaluate your

Whether you are seller or not of your company, do you know the amount of your professional assets? We help you to estimate it to optimize it better.

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Calculation of
contributions TNS

Anticipate your social contributions TNS, thanks to our projected schedules which are put back to you every year.


To know the main ratios of your competitors allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to optimize your performances. Our presentations integrate these comparisons.

Areas of intervention


  • Keeping or revising your accounting
  • Establishment of your balance sheets and intermediate situations
  • Accounting & advice

Professional & personal tax system

  • Professional tax returns
  • Income tax returns
  • Assistance procedures
  • Optimizations & tax advice

Labor law and payroll

  • Payslips & social statements
  • Assistance procedures
  • Social optimizations

Legal assistance

  • Choice of legal form
  • Formalities & drafting of legal instruments (business law)


  • Contractual audit of the accounts
  • legal, fiscal, social, evaluation audit