Your project

To better assist you in your project, we need to know you. So let’s meet!

Are you a business firm manager?

ADVANTIS provide you a reagent support to come to terms with the news economical requirements.

Our main goal will be to follow you and provide you, whether a increase or decrease period.

We also assure :

  • Audit optimization to your tax, legal and social situation.
  • Creation to your « Business Plan » until 3 to 7 years.
  • Possibility to create your own files « annual budget »,
  • A mensual personalized notice board presentation (or quaterly), allowing to follow differences between “achieved” and “budgeted”financial data.
  • Break-even point encrypting, depending to your set fees,
  • Slideshow to a clear presentation of your annual account and your intermediate accounting situations.

One of our mission is to help you during the negociation time with your bank.

We know your requirement, and we can help you to obtain subsidies.

Would you like create your company?

To assist your plan, we need to know yourself. Mr. AMOUYAL is available and will suggest you good choices about tax, legal and social domain, which’ll determinate the future of your company.

Our main mission is to assist you:

  • Making your “Business Plan”, to become aware of the financial viability of your project,
  • Searching statistical data about your future business sector,
  • Detection about Grants, Advances and Subsidies which’ll be subject to help you,
  • Searching for funds with our banking partners,
  • Making a finally tax, legal and social decision regarding your project,
  • Your company creation (SARL, EURL,SCI…) and registration formalities.

Would you like buy or sale a company?

Our Office brings you a personalized support, because it’s fundamental to the successfull sale or take over business.

If you want to sale, we’ll help you to:

  • Organize your company’s sale
  • Make a first Company’s diagnosis (Production tool, Commercial, Human Ressources, Legal…)
  • Evaluate your company value
  • Give a complete file presentation ( diagnosis & Evaluation ) to justify your price
  • Give information about your offer
  • Take part in negotiations
  • Analyze and write the legal acts with our lawyers
  • After the cession, advise you.

If you want to buy, we’ll help you to:

  • Make a shortlist potential targets,
  • Ask right questions,
  • Perform procurement audit (intern diagnosis & evaluation),
  • Adjust the evaluation,
  • Help you in sensitive points negociation
  • Analyze and write the legal acts with our lawyers
  • Advise you about the accounting, tax, social and legal follow-up, after the acquisition.

The company transmission is a part of our main asset.

Innovative Company ?

Are you Researcher (do you have a R&D department)?
Would you like to manage it?

We can provide you a date with an chartered accountant specialized in the « High Tech » and «Innovation» legal domain.

We’ll assist you each step of your plan:

  • Research Project Development knowledge,
  • Tax project (R & D) mesuring,
  • « Young Innovative Company” (JEI) status assistance,
  • « Research Tax Credit » (CIR) assistance,
  • Grants and subsidies,
  • Linking with business Incubators and Nurseries,
  • Relationship with our legal partners (« innovation » specialized lawyers),
  • Financial partners research and/or “Business Angels”,
  • JEI and CIR securing,
  • R&D expense follow-up assistance
  • Tax information follow-up
  • Establishing pay « JEI » (partial exemption from social charges)
  • Calculating and reimbursement request CIR.

Our office developed a high expertise in innovative companies.